Congratulations to Ryan and BlueHighwind for winning our PAX East Qwizards!
Wikia @ PAX East

Thanks to everyone who joined us at PAX East this year!

The games industry knows how to throw a good party, but there isn’t an event more fan-forward than PAX. Founded in 2004 by Penny Arcade, the annual convention spans the world, bringing game lovers together with their fellow fans, and the creators and personalities working to define their pastime.

Wikia is joining in on the fun at PAX East this year, and we have a full docket.

Whether you’re in Boston for the show or enjoying the festivities from parts beyond, check out our schedule and see what our superfans are up to.

Scheduled Wikia Events

Wikia Fan Forum Livestream: Sid Meier’s Starships
Friday at 1 p.m. — Location: and live on the Twitch Stage
Join Superfan Sactage and Community Manager David Hinkle as they check out a live demo Sid Meier’s latest.
Guests: David Hinkle, Community Manager @ 2K Sactage,

Wikia Fan Forum Livestream: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Twitch
Saturday at 1 p.m. — Location: and live on the Twitch Stage
Wikia’s BlueHighwind joins Senior Gameplay Designer Damien Monnier for a special presentation of The Witcher: Wild Hunt.
Guests: Damien Monnier, Senior Game Designer @ CD Projekt REDl BlueHighwind,

Wikia Fan Forum Livestream: Warframe eFan Faceoff
Sunday at 1 p.m. — Location: and live on the Twitch Stage
Warframe Superfan ChickenBar and Digital Extremes’ Rebecca Ford compete with Tennos from around the world in a live bareknuckle melee-only survival challenge.
Guests: Rebecca Ford, Community Manager @ Digital Extremes; ChickenBar,

Wikia Qwizards Live: Games Edition

Sunday at 3 p.m. — Location: and live at the Albatross Theater, Level 2 of the BCEC

In this special PAX East edition of the popular online series, fans face off in a multi-round battle of expert level trivia. If you’re in Boston and think you’ve got the chops, come put your gaming knowledge to the test. Audience participation is the name of the game, and we’ve got some sweet prizes for the most knowledgeable among you.
Meet the Qwizards
Sactage is from New Jersey and primarily edits at Call of Duty Wiki. You might also know him as Daniel.
BlueHighwind is from New Jersey and primarily edits at Final Fantasy Wiki. You might also know him as Eric.
Callofduty4 is from Rhode Island and primarily edits at Call of Duty Wiki. You might also know him as Manav.
Annette Cardwell is your host. A veteran of many fan battles, she'll preside over the competition to see which superfans from Wikia and the PAX East crowd will become our Ultimate Qwizard.


2015 Event Calendar


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