Calling All Fans

Do you want to have the ultimate fan experience at Wizard World events across the United States? Apply to join the Wikia Superfan Crew, and - if selected - you'll receive VIP event tickets, transportation, and hotel accommodations to attend a Wizard World event. Before you go, we’ll also send you a Mission Pack filled with everything you’ll need onsite: a pre-paid mobile phone, GoPro camera, VIP event tickets, passes for line hopping, and behind-the-scenes access to panels and other fan programming.

What Do I Need to Do?

It's simple! Any Wikia fan can submit a request for a chance to become a member of the Wikia Superfan Crew and receive the Mission Pack. Superfan Crew members should be active on at least one Wikia community, should have great communication skills, and should have a positive presence on their community.

When you submit your request, tell us which event you plan to attend, why you want to attend, and how you plan to represent and benefit your community at the event. We’ll then review your request and reach out to applicants who match the superfan profile. If selected, you will receive a welcome email, travel information, and the Mission Pack in the mail. This kit will contain a set of "mission cards" that Wikia fans attending the event will complete. These may include taking photos and video from the events, writing contributions for your community (or a relevant community), and posting on social media using the hashtag #WikiaFanCrew.
Great! Where Do I Sign Up?
Fill out this form and we'll be in touch!



Check Out the Events

Get the show schedule and find out which special guests will be making appearances at each of the Wizard World Comic Con events happening across the US.

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